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Data Integration Solutions

Show data you already have in Excel and XML on your screens. Singztec  gives you multiple formatting options to create compelling messages, showing real-time stats and information like enrollment totals, athletics scores, training stats, sales numbers, progress to goals – anything you can put into rows and columns

Inbuilt Features for data integration

The SignZtec  features a number of built in tools for bringing live data to your display:

  • Collect and cache RSS feeds
  •  Display XML files with style sheets e.g. a weather app that draws its data from a web source
  • Capture PC and Set Top Boxes sources using an HDMI HDCP compliant capture card.
  •  Ad Hoc manual data input by staff

Campus & building control automation solutions can be used to command a player or group of players via XML post commands, for example to change the player volume or initiate new content.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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