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Hotel Signage

Hotels Digital Signage

Digital Communication Solutions for Hospitality-Hotels.


Hotel guest welcome messages.

Guide guests to meeting rooms, convention centers, restaurants, cafes slot machines, the pool, fitness centers and other amenities available.

Provide concierge services such as tourism advice, show tickets and dinner reservations, flight information, weather reports, current events, trade show etc.

Internal communications, Health, Safety and Evacuation Procedures.

Allow convention attendees to check event schedules.


Free access to the stock exchange information/financial widgets. Share markets updates.

Encourage customer loyalty. Attract new business with eye catching promotions and appealing displays.

 Prominently project corporate identity, commitment and reliability. Reinforce confidence and increase awareness in your brand, products and services.

Advertise special offers and events. Promotion of hotel worldwide networks and offers.

Deliver targeted messages to multiple locations instantly for marketing campaigns.

Generate revenue by selling advertising space for displaying commercial products. Advertising generates additional revenue proving it to be a smart investment and boost your profits.

Where should I install screens?

Some  of the locations Dynamic Digital Signage Displays are  primarily deployed:

Entrances, Reception and Information Desks.

Lounges, Waiting Areas

Cafeterias, Dining Areas,

Passages & Elevator Lobbies

Conference Rooms, Banquet Halls.

Public  and Commercial Areas

Check-in and Security points

Sports, Fitness and Recreation centers,

Restaurant, Coffee Shops

Guest rooms

commercial areas

Car Parks

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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