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Digital Menu Board Signage

Digital Menu Board Digital Signage

Dynamic Food Menu displays for Fast food, restaurants, and hotels.

Improve the dining experience, and reduce waiting times in quick serve, fast casual, and chain  as well as traditional and ethnic cuisine restaurants.

  • With attractive Digital Menu Boards, to stay ahead of your competition and give your business big advantage.
  • Significantly increase your sales and enhance the impact with entertaining content for more enjoyable customer experience.
  • Display dynamic and exciting menus and daily specials, positive restaurant reviews, share information about chefs.
  • Customize display information with appealing formats.
  • Improve branding identity and consistency throughout multiple location franchises.
  • Post information on upcoming events, launches, promotions offers and specials.
  • Cost-effective solution for fast, easy and continuous Real-time Information management.
  • Remotely schedule Menus changes based on time, day or week for every outlet in the chain in different locations on any ¬†number of screens simultaneously


Earn, Save, Increase Profits.

  • Generate additional revenue by selling advertising space to partners by displaying Ads on your Digital Screens.
  • Save money by eliminating printing, transportation, shipping and installation costs of posters and signage materials
  • Combined with providing great marketing and advertising, increase your profit substantively.
We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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