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Education Signage

Education  Digital Signage

Effective Solutions for Universities, Colleges, Schools, Training Centers.


Whether they take the form of a primary school or a large university, virtually every educational
institution must find effective ways to communicate with many different types of stakeholder

Dynamic digital building directories and layout out plans communicate a clear, consistent facility information and providing navigational assistance to students and visitors find their way around campus more easily.

Students and Parents Communication. Exams, Results, Notifications,

Share news and details, photos of campus and other recent events.

Instantly convey important news or emergency alerts

Advertise special offers, events for students provide sports updates

Allow instant registration. Spotlight important deadlines

Highlight student and staff achievements.

Celebrate  Sports wins and Academic success

Generate revenue by selling advertising space for displaying commercial products. Advertising generates additional revenue proving it to be a smart investment and boost your profits.

Where should I install screens?

Some  of the locations Dynamic Digital Signage Displays are  primarily deployed:

Entrances, Reception and Information Desks.

Lounges, Waiting Areas

Cafeterias, Dining Areas,

Passages & Elevator Lobbies

Meeting, Conference Rooms

Public  and Commercial Areas

Check-in and Security points

Sports, Fitness and Recreation centers,

Car Parks

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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