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Digital Signage and Wayfinding

Effective Digital Dynamic Solutions for Education, Healthcare, Banking, Real Estate,

Transportation, Public Buildings. Commercial and Recreation Facilties.


Simplify way finding and replace static building directories with Dynamic Digital Directories.  

Instantly direct and guide visitors to their destinations with user friendly, clear, consistent messages and graphics.

Transform traditional building directories and navigational assistance into a colorful, dynamic, and sophisticated graphic presentation. Illustrate building floor layout plans and with color coded areas and locations.  Dynamic Pop-Ups with Final destination images and descriptions.

Display directory information with brands and corporate logos of tenants. Integration of Events, with Wayfinding.

Show business hours, real time announcements, important information, safety and emergency guidelines for tenants, visitors.  Display Weather, Traffic, Maps, News,

Attract new tenants post availability and leasing information. Remotely and instantly update digital directories as soon as new information is available.

No more high cost of updating every change, unlike static directories which require replacing sign panels, retexing, transportation, installation and technicians.

Highly effective, creative, functional exceptional value for money to enhance your building prestige.

Generate additional revenue by selling advertising space to products and service providers.

Generate revenue by selling advertising space for displaying commercial products and Services. Advertising generates additional revenue proving it to be a smart investment and boost your profits.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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