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Why Digital Signage ?

Digital Signage networks provides a critical and real-time link between management, visitors, customers, guests, and employees.  It has proved to be a perfect medium to inform, alert, educate, advertise and greatly helps to communicate effectively and efficiently.

Easily accessible from any computer with internet access. It is now a key tool in solving an increasingly wide range of communication tasks and business issues.

Save, Earn, Increase Profits.

Digital Signage provides significant cost savings, virtually eliminates printing, shipping, installation costs of updating traditional posters, banners, billboards advertisements at multiple locations.

Generate additional revenue by selling advertising space for displaying commercial products, services on your Digital Screens. Combined with providing great marketing and advertising, increase your profits substantially, proving it to be a smart investment

Capture attention  of your audience with attractive and appealing displays. Positively influence and significantly increase your sales. Improve the customer experience with continuously engaging with real-time content.  Minimize the waiting times during busy hours while entertaining and informing the customers.

Launch futuristic plans, strategies and campaigns to local, national or worldwide networks. Prominently project corporate identity, commitment and reliability. Reinforce confidence and increase awareness in your brand, products and services.

Way finding, instantly direct and guide visitors, newcomers, to their destinations with virtual maps and navigational assistance.   Help them find their way around effortlessly with user friendly, clear, consistent messages and graphics. Replace static building directories with dynamic digital directories, integrate logos, brands and events.

Digital Signage platform is completely cloud based and supports multiple media files like Images, Videos, Web pages Weather forecasts, RSS feeds, News, Sports, and Text Scrollers, virtually anything you choose to display.
Our unique digital software provides total flexibility, designed to remotely schedule and broadcast multiple messages, anytime, anywhere on any number of screens simultaneously. Customization and creative options have unlimited features.

Where is it used ?

Corporate Communincation

Companies that spread their workforce across multiple locations can have a hard time communicating key information to their employees, especially those who don’t have their own computers to access email, benefits plans, and other information.

Whether they take the form of a primary school or a large university, virtually every educational
institution must find a perfect and effective medium to inform, alert, educate and advertise.
Dynamic digital directories, layout out plans communicate a clear, consistent
Healthcare,Hospitals and Clincs

Use digital signage and connected devices to communicate with patients and families, train your staff, and streamline patient handling


SignZtec is a fully scalable all inclusive system that comes standard with a variety of beautiful built-in turn by turn route animations and map views. With the 3D map views, users have the capability to pinch, zoom, and rotate the map around 360 degrees.

Travel & Transportation

Use connected devices and digital signage to keep travelers informed, make the trip more enjoyable, and reduce waiting times.

Digital Menu Boards and Restaurant Kiosks

Up-sell customers, improve the dining experience, and reduce waiting times in quick serve, fast casual, and chain restaurants.



Your queue management system contains relevant information about your waiting customers. Use that valuable information and keep your customers entertained while waiting to be served with targeted infotainment and reduce the perceived waiting time…Read More


Reports include precise information about every single screen impression, including when exactly an item was played and how often it was shown in a specific period of time. Raw reporting data may be downloaded for purpose of billing, planning, accountability or compliance…Read More


Increase the efficiency of advertising on any  screen by collecting key information about viewers: number of viewers, their gender and age group, attention time. Make each ad personal by showing targeted commercials. Check the statistics online anytime and anywhere you need it…Read More


How your digital signage system can work hard to return your investment by providing digital signage advertising. Create another income stream by charging off-site restaurants and storefronts for advertising space. Do you need a way to drive traffic to on-site amenities? Use digital signage advertising to showcase dining specials for your restaurants, boost ticket sales for shows or highlight sales in your shops…Read More

Live Streaming

The Streaming server can stream live content to all of your Signage Player. The live stream content can come from any RCA / S-Video / Component input such as DVD, Cable box, Satellite box, Web Cam, security camera and other devices.The beauty of having a streaming server is that you only need a single source (stream feed) and a single capture card installed on a one local server to propagate the stream to as many…Read More

Data Integration

Show data you already have in Excel and XML on your screens. Singztec  gives you multiple formatting options to create compelling messages, showing real-time stats and information like enrollment totals, athletics scores, training stats, sales numbers, progress to goals – anything you can put into rows and columns…Read More

How it  works ?

A typical digital signage network includes
four key elements:
1) A remotely located Central Server,
2) Display Panels installed at various HOST locations,
3) A networked Media Player (netbook computer) installed near the Display, and
4) a means to communicate with the Player (CAT-5 cable, Wireless, or Cellular).
The Player receives content from the Central Server over the Internet and plays the contents on one or more Display Panels located on our network.

To update an image, we simply upload a new or updated file using our Content Management Software.
The Server then transmits the file wirelessly to the local Media Player at each HOST location.
Then the updated content immediately appears on the entire network or portion of the network.

We work closely with you and carry out research to understand your needs and wishes.

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